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My name is Jim Grillo and I'm the owner of Superior Rapid Response.  Over the last 10 years, it has been my good fortune to help your friends and neighbors get the most sparkly clean carpets and rugs they have ever seen.  In fact, many tell me that after we had cleaned their carpets, the rooms in their home had a warm, comfortable feeling that seemed to brighten the overall appearance of their home!!! 




Our Goal Is To Offer High Quality Carpet
Cleaning At An Affordable Price!!!

Clients of mine say they feel healthier after we clean their carpets!

Many of my new clients have told me they were sick of the "$99.00 special" carpet cleaners. Yes, the price was cheap, but all they got for their money was a surface carpet cleaning. They were disappointed with the quality of the cleaning and the professionalism of the company and their technicians. These are the companies we consistently hear about regarding the results of these non-trained, non-certified carpet cleaning companies. At Superior Rapid Response , we strive to give your carpets and rugs a thorough deep clean. Our carpet cleaning process will improve the appearance of your carpet and improve the quality of your life by making your home a healthy environment for your family. I don't think you will hear this from any other carpet cleaner!

This is why at Superior Rapid Response our Carpet Cleaning Estimates are free. We inspect your carpet and recommend to you the best cleaning method for your carpet. Our carpet cleaning procedures will remove the dirt, grime, dust mites and other pollutants from your carpet and help provide a healthy home environment. 



Unethical Cleaners
Don't be their next victim!

The cheap chemicals used by these carpet cleaners have been known to damage carpet fibers. They do not rinse the carpets properly and at times they will leave a chemical residue on the carpets. These residues are not safe for children, the elderly and pets. The chemicals that these uneducated carpet cleaners use are so harsh that they damage the carpet fibers and reduce the life expectancy of your carpet.

They only surface clean your carpets. Therefore, they do not remove the that is embedded in your carpet. This type of carpet cleaning procedure will cause your carpet to wear faster. If your carpet cleaning company you hire to clean your carpet does a poor job of cleaning your carpet, they will decrease the life expectancy of your carpet. The carpet in your home will need to be replaced sooner. The air quality in your home is not improved with a cheap, surface carpet cleaning.

Use one of these cheap carpet cleaning companies and your family, carpets and you lose. Use a  cheap "$99.00 Special" carpet cleaner now and you will lose money in the long run... plus your carpets will never look clean and your family will not experience the benefits of a healthier home environment.




We are Expert Carpet Cleaners!


1.      Pre-inspection - Our technicians will inspect your areas of concerns and advise you of the best possible solutions. 

2.      Dry vacuuming  - Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed using our heavy duty vacuum. This is an important step other cleaners do not offer. This step removes soil most home vacuums do not.

3.     Pre-spotting - This  step pre-treats spots or stains that may not otherwise be removed.

4.     Custom  Mixed Pre-Conditioner - Other cleaning companies typically use the same solution for every job. At Superior Rapid Response, we select from a variety of cleaning agents. When mixing your solution, we take into account allergies,sensitivities of all household members and soil conditions.

5.     Pre-spray - Pre-Conditioner is sprayed onto the carpet to loosen ground in oily dirt. Other cleaners normally skip this step.

6.     Dwell Time - This is the time it takes for the Pre-Conditioner to soak in. 

​7.     Pre-scrub - The pre-conditioned carpet is scrubbed to loosen the soil. This is much like the agitation in your washer. Most other cleaning companies do not even carry a groomer on their truck.

8.     Rinse &  Extract -  Our state of the art hot water extraction process will thoroughly remove the dirt and cleaning solution from your carpet. Our special neutralizing rinse ensures no residue is left  behind so that your carpet stays cleaner longer. 

9.     Extra Dry Passes - We make additional dry passes over the rinsed carpet. This keeps your drying time to a minimum.

10.    First Post Inspection - To make sure we have met your expectations, our technician will ask you to inspect the carpet when he is finished.

11.    Post Spot Treatment - Upon your approval, removal of difficult spots will be attempted with our specialty spot cleaning procedures. These special solutions and techniques are used by very few other carpet companies.

12.     Final Post Inspection - Our technician will ask you to inspect the carpet when he is finished to make sure your expectations have been met.



This is what you receive when Superior Rapid Response Cleans your Carpets & Rugs:

Our Company and Technicians are an IICRC Certified Our certification number is 211590. The IICRC establishes carpet cleaning procedures. Also, they train and certify carpet cleaning companies and their technicians.

What are you waiting for?  Your sparkly clean carpets & rugs are only a call away.

Our CARPET CLEANING ESTIMATE is free. There is never any obligation. Our technicians are highly trained professionals.  Isn't this what you really want from your carpet cleaning company?  Call us today at 941-923-3610 for your free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.