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Condominium Water Damage Sarasota Fl

We received a call from a property manager that there was water damage in two adjoining condominiums.

The owner of the condominium where the damage occurred signed the authorization to dry the condominium and file a claim with their insurance company.

The owners of the second condominium signed the authorization to dry their condominium and requested their neighbors’ insurance information so they could supply it to their own insurance company. We advised the condominium owners that Florida is a "no fault" state and to contact their insurance agent to get a better explanation of Florida property insurance law.  The owner was shocked to learn they are liable for all damages to their own property and are responsible for out of pocket expenses, including, their insurance deductible.  Each condo owner is liable for their property damage.

As a condominium owner, we hope you understand how Florida property insurance works and budget accordingly.

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