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How to Remove Fingernail Polish from Carpets Sarasota Fl

The technicians employed at Superior Rapid Response of Sarasota, Fl are trained how to remove fingernail polish from carpets.

A young girl was playing with fingernail polish and, you guessed it, spilled some on her bedroom carpet. Her mother went online and found numerous videos on how to remove fingernail polish from carpets.  She was able to remove approximately 50% of the fingernail polish.

As luck would have it, they were friends with one of the technicians employed at Superior Rapid Response. They contacted our office and scheduled to have the fingernail polish removed from their carpet.  They were impressed with the process the technicians used to remove the nail polish and were extremely satisfied with the end result.

This incident got the Techs thinking.  They decided to watch some of the youtube videos demonstrating how to remove fingernail polish from carpets using nail polish remover. 

They poured a small amount of fingernail polish on a piece of carpet and tried to duplicate the results.  None of the Techs, including the owner, could remove more than 75% of the polish.  All this experiment produced was frustration and numerous questions.

·         Was the nail polish dry?

·         Was the nail polish lightly applied to the carpet?

·         Was the carpet treated with fabric protector?

·         How come most of the carpets used in the videos were dark in color?

·         Were the results shown in the videos edited?

When using any home remedy that you find online, we recommend you proceed with caution.

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