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Red Sport Drink Stain Removal On Carpet Siesta Key Fl

We were hired by an owner of a condominium on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Fl.  to remove a red sport drink stain on their carpet.

Their daughter informed them that during her stay their grandson spilled a red sport drink on their carpet. She had the carpets cleaned but, unfortunately, the carpet cleaning company she hired did not clean the carpets very well and were unable to remove the red stain.

The owners of the condominium contacted the manager of the association and explained their problem. The property manager recommended Superior Rapid Response.  He advised the owners he had used Superior Rapid Response in the past and was impressed with their ability to clean carpets and remove stains.

Upon arrival at the condo, the technicians inspected the stain and advised the owners of their concerns. Red sport drinks contain red dyes that might permanently stain the carpet and not knowing what cleaning method, chemicals or spot removal techniques the other carpet cleaning company used, they were worried the other carpet cleaning company might have set the stain and the stain might be permanent.

The condo owners were impressed with the fact that the technicians expressed their concerns prior to starting the stain removal process. They were totally impressed with the honesty of the technicians and gave their approval to proceed with the process. They were equally impressed with the fact that the technicians were able to remove the red sport drink stain.

After the technicians removed the stain, the owners asked them if there was a way to identify if a stain was from red wine or a red sport drink. The techs informed the client that because of the dyes used in the manufacturing process of red sport drinks the stain will usually appear brighter in color.  Red wine stains usually appear darker in color.

Since removing the red stain, the owners of the condo have referred Superior Rapid Response to other owners living in the complex.

It is our sincere belief that the best compliment a customer can give us is a referral.

Superior Rapid Response prides itself on our ability to clean carpets and remove stains.

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