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Rotovac Carpet Cleaning Longboat Key Florida

You hire a contractor, discuss the project, agree on a price and decide on a starting date.

Did you remember to discuss with your contractor how they are going to protect your house from dust and debris? Failure to discuss this with your contractor could be a costly mistake. You could end up with an extremely high cleanup bill and damage to your carpets, tile and wood floors.

There are various methods contractors can use to protect your property from dust and debris. They can use adhesive entrance mats that prevent outside debris from being tracked into your home. Carpet shields, usually made of plastic or paper, can be used to protect traffic areas throughout your home. Products such as builder board can be used to create a temporary barrier that will protect your carpets, tile & wood floors from spills and falling debris. They can install zipwalls to help prevent dust from spreading throughout your home.

Unfortunately, the contractor hired by this condominium owner did not take the proper steps to protect their carpets. The contractor left black footprints throughout their home. Fortunately, our Rotovac carpet cleaning restoration system was able to remove the mess left by the contractor.

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