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Water Damage Sarasota FL.

Water Damage in Sarasota, FL.

What questions should you ask when looking for a water damage restoration company?

●     Is the company licensed, insured, bonded and carry workers comp?

●     Is the company IICRC certified? The IICRC is the organization that is recognized as the authority for establishing water damage restoration procedures, training and certifying technicians and companies.

●     Do they work with adjusters and insurance companies?

●     Do they direct bill insurance companies?

●     Are they capable of finding all the water damage? Not all water damage is visible.

●     Most importantly, once they find the water damage, what do they dry, carpets, walls, studs behind walls...?

●     Do they monitor the job on a daily basis?

●     How often do they communicate with you the client?

There are companies that advertise they remove water but they are not trained or IICRC certified in water damage restoration.  They extract water from carpets, put down fans and come back in 3 to 4 days. Most of these companies don't even check to see if the walls are wet, let alone dry.  They do not know how to correctly dry walls. Beware of the company that immediately starts removing walls. With proper use of today's drying technology, there are very few circumstances when the removal of a wall is necessary.

 If you have water damage and the company does not find all the water damage or dry the walls and studs behind the walls correctly, you will get mold.

When you hire Superior Rapid Response you get:

·         IICRC certified technicians

·         State of the art moisture detection and drying equipment

·         Response to your loss in under 1 hour

·         Daily monitoring of your property

·         Daily updates on the progress of the drying of your property

·         Professional communication with your adjuster and insurance company

·         Direct billing to your insurance company

Superior Rapid Response is the premier residential and commercial water damage restoration company in Sarasota, FL.

Superior Rapid Response – Where modern technology meets good old fashion customer service.

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