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Water Damage Tips Sarasota Fl

Picture this...you return to your vacation home located on beautiful Siesta Key and find water damage. You wade through your living room to get to the telephone to call your insurance agent and ask what your deductible is.  In return, your insurance agent asks you how long your condo was vacant and if you hired someone to check your condo on a regular basis.  Your response,  I turned off the water and was away for four months.  I have insurance, why should I worry about my neighbors place flooding or if it rains and my roof leaks?   Well guess what? Your insurance company has the right to deny the claim under negligence and vacancy issues.

We recommend:

·         Contact your insurance agent and find out what your insurance company's policy is regarding leaving your home vacant for an extended period of time.

·         If they require regular inspections of your property, get their definition, in writing, of regular inspections.

Once you leave your home:

·         Make sure all faucets are closed

·         Turn off the water heater

·         Set the a/c to 78 degrees

·         Turn off the water to your home

·         Hire a home inspection service

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