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Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Sarasota Fl


Why hire a professional carpet cleaning company Sarasota Fl?

The answer to this question can best be explained using your car as an example.

You are driving down the road, step on the brakes, hear a grinding noise and realize it took a lot longer for your car to stop than you thought it would take to stop. Unless you are an auto mechanic or mechanically inclined and own the tools necessary to change your breaks, you schedule to have your brakes replaced by a professional auto mechanic.  Why? You understand the importance of your family’s safety, the value of your car and the importance of being able to spend time with your family.

You come home and notice your carpets are dull and dirty.  You have three choices:

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself.
  3. Call a professional carpet cleaner.

You understand that over time your family has tracked dirt and grime onto your carpets. Also, your carpets act like a big filter attracting pollutants, dust and allergens. Therefore, doing nothing is not a wise choice. By doing nothing, you put the health of your family at risk.

You can rent a “do it yourself carpet cleaning machine”. Fact:

  • Carpet cleaning rental machines will not do the same job as the equipment used by professional carpet cleaners. The carpet cleaning equipment you rent from your local store does not have the same heating or extraction ability as the equipment used by professional carpet cleaners. Heat is an important part of the carpet cleaning process. Poor extraction means you will leave a dirty residue on your carpets. This residue will attract dirt, causing you to have your carpets cleaned more often. Also, your carpets will take longer to dry.
  • Store bought carpet cleaning chemicals are not the same quality as the professional grade carpet cleaning chemicals used by professional carpet cleaners.

Therefore, if you clean your carpets with a rented carpet cleaning machine, your carpets will not be deep cleaned and will take a long time to dry. You will not have effectively removed the dirt, grime, pollutants, allergens and dust mites from your carpets. The health of your family is now at risk. Instead of spending quality time with your friends and family, you wasted your time, energy and money. Is renting carpet cleaning equipment really an option?

You hire Superior Rapid Response, a professional carpet cleaning company. You get:

  • A licensed, insured and bonded company.
  • An IICRC certified company.
  • Highly trained and certified technicians.
  • Professional carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Professional grade carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • Deep cleaned carpets that dry faster.
  • A healthy home environment for your family.
  • More time to spend with your family and friends.

Fact, clean carpets last longer. You will extend the life of your carpets.

To schedule your next carpet cleaning, call Superior Rapid Response at 941-923-3610 or visit is at www.superior-rapid-response.com.